Empower your new products with readily available icons

Creating a new software application? Want to make it look great yet have a distinctive look? Empower your new project with readily available Program Toolbar Icons by Perfect Icon! Over a hundred of differentpictograms are readily available to enhance your new project. Use the icons for toolbars, navigation, wizards and dialogs. The Program Toolbar Icons are perfectly legible, and are available in numerous standard sizes, resolutions, states and color depths .

Outsourcing the graphics indeed makes your product unique. The unique style is about the only positive thing about custom graphics. Everything else about the outsourced icons is a negative. Deadlines and cost, specs and making a matching set, colors and styles, even the personal tastes can be vastly different from designer to designer.

Program Toolbar Icons are readily available for preview and evaluation , making it possible to develop your own judgment about whether or not the particular collection of icons matches your goals. With Program Toolbar Icons , you always see what you will get!

program icons

Program Toolbar Icons are available in many sizes and styles. Your purchase gets you all sizes of 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, 40×40, and 48×48 pixels in 256 colors and semi-transparent True Color. Every icon is provided in three different states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. You will receive icons in all of the following formats: Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap .bmp, GIF, and PNG.

Program Toolbar Icons are developed by software developers for software developers. The set contains more than 100 pieces that are most likely to be used in your application. Open and Close, Undo and Redo, Go and Stop, Cut, Copy and Paste are just a few to name. There are numerous objects, notes and other pictograms available to enhance your toolbars and navigation.

Program icons are drawn in one style, and share common gamma and drawing style, making your product look unique and solid.

These icons are perfect for applications designed to run in Windows XP and Vista, but the available 256-color variants make it easily possible to target applications for earlier versions of Windows. Save time and money and enhance your products by using ready-made Program Toolbar Icons!

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