All Menu Icons Bundle Packs 13,000 Icons into a Single Value Pack

Shopping for ready-made icons and looking for the best value? Look no further: the set of All Menu Icons bundles 13,000 unique icons into a single value pack. How much value? If you purchase this pack, each image will cost you just 3 cents.

With so many icons packed at a deeply discounted price, there must be a caveat, right? Well, let’s see. Licensing terms? All Menu Icons are royalty-free, allowing you using them as many times and in as many projects as you please. Whether you’re making mass-production software or designing custom Web sites, All Menu Icons will never ask you for an extra fee. With flexible, royalty-free terms, All Menu Icons offer simply the best value among competition.

Visual quality? All icons comprising the All Menu Icons bundle are professionally designed and handcrafted by professional designers, then assembled into matching sets for easier reference. There are a number of images drawn in a number of visual styles, allowing you designing bright and vivid Web sites or projects with decidedly muted looks while maintaining the usual high level of visual clarity.

Technically, All Menu Icons offer icons in multiple sizes and formats. There are five pixel sizes (16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48), two color depths (8-bit and 32-bit color with alpha-channel), and four file formats (ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG), with individual resolutions offered at an even deeper discount. Three visual states for Normal, Disabled and Highlighted versions of navigation elements are supplied. These variations bring the total number of images to over 600,000.

Writing about images, reading about icons or talking about icons won’t tell you anything about how they actually look. Visit to have a brief look at the preview and decide for yourself whether All Menu Icons are what you need. Didn’t find an icon you need? We will make one right for you, according to your needs and specifications.

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